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When HestiaCP or VestaCP is installed on a server, it installs its own default certificate for the hostname and hence browsers give warning about an invalid certificate. How can I install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for the hostname?

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It's very simple to install the "Let’s Encrypt" SSL Certificate for the hostname. Here are the steps:

  • Open the terminal and SSH to your server using root login.
  • Check the hostname of your server using the command hostname. If the hostname is not set correctly (e.g. host.domain.com), set the hostname.
# hostname host.domain.com
  • Once a proper hostname is set, type the following command on the terminal to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for the hostname.

# v-add-letsencrypt-host

If you don't like to use the above command, you can follow the steps mentioned on this page: https://www.discoverbits.in/post/how-to-use-lets-encrypt-ssl-certificate-for-hostname-on-vestacp-or-hestiacp-login-panel/