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I am using pligg CMS for one of my websites. Though the normal pages load very quickly, the admin page loads very slowly. I don't think it has anything to do with the server as other pages are loading quickly. Is there anything different in admin page?

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The admin is slow because of Pligg News, New Products on the sidebar of the admin page. This two links try to fetch the data from pligg website's rss which is extremely slow. You need to get rid of these two and then the admin page will become fast. You need to do the followings...

  • Open templates/admin/admin.tpl file                                                                                              
  • Look for {checkActionsTpl location="tpl_pligg_admin_sidebar_start"}                                     
  • Either delete or comment out the whole PHP code. To comment out the PHP code, put /* after {php} and */ before {/php}