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On my laptop, when I go to Update & Security in settings section, it doesn't show anything. In fact, I am not able to click on any link. How can I fix it?

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It seems that you have tuned on fast startup on your machine. Though it shouldn't be a problem as it's a recommended settings by the operating system, it fixed the problem on my laptop when I turned it off.

Do the following to turn the fast startup off...

1. Right click on the battery icon present on the right bottom part of the your laptop screen. Select Power Options from the popup list.

2. Click on Choose What the power buttons do => Click on change settings that are currently unavailable.

3. Scroll down the page and at the bottom you will see Turn on fast startup(recommended) under Shutdown settings. Uncheck fast startup and shutdown your laptop.

4. Start your laptop, the problem should not be there now.