HestiaCP: How to install multiple PHP versions in Hestia Control Panel

HestiaCP, a fork of VestaCP, is a hosting control panel to administer web servers. It offers a very user-friendly interface to quickly deploy and manage web domains, mail accounts, firewalls, and DNS zones. You do not have to be a Linux system administrator to host your website, just a few clicks will bring your website online. Most importantly, you can choose either Ubuntu or Debian Linux to install this control panel.

If you install the latest HestiaCP version 1.1.1, it will install PHP 7.3 by default. But if you have legacy PHP codes, which cannot run on PHP 7.3, you can install different versions of PHP without typing any command on the terminal. Then you can select the desired PHP version for your website. In this post, I will show how simple it is to install multiple PHP versions in HestiaCP. Here are the steps:

  • Log into HestiaCP as admin.
  • Click on the ‘Server’ link and then on the ‘Configure’ link.
  • It will list different types of servers, e.g. Proxy server, Web server, Backend server, etc.
  • Click on the ‘Configure’ link of the Backend server. It will show you the list of PHP versions that you can install.
  • Tick the checkboxes of PHP versions that you want to install and click on the ‘Save’ button. Within a few minutes, the selected PHP versions will be installed and you can use them for your websites.
  • Now your HestiaCP installation has multiple PHP versions.

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