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I downloaded the TOR browser from their website, but I do not see any clickable icon to open the browser. How can I add a clickable icon to the favorites bar?

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Here are the steps you should follow to add the TOR browser icon to the favorites bar:

  • cd to the directory where you extracted the downloaded Tor browser files. E.g.

$ cd tor-browser/

  •  There should be the file 'start-tor-browser.desktop'.

$ ls

Browser start-tor-browser.desktop

  • Run "./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app" on the terminal to register tor-browser as a desktop app.

$ ./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app

Launching './Browser/start-tor-browser --detach --register-app'...

Tor Browser has been registered as a desktop app for this user in ~/.local/share/applications/

  • Click on 'Show Applications' present at the bottom of the favorites bar.
  • Type 'tor' or 'Tor' in the search box and it will show you the icon of the Tor browser. Right-click on the icon and select "Add to favorites". You are done; the clickable icon will be on the favorites bar.
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You can also copy the configuration file "start-tor-browser.desktop" to ~/.local/share/applications/ manually instead of running  "./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app" .

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